Giving Back

KEE'S HELPING HAND is an organization created on humbleness. We are committed to building a stronger Brockton community and providing resources to youth that improve their health and education. Thus far we have helped Brockton’s population of youth, elders, and those in recovery from all sexes and nationalities, all in terms of building a safer environment for the future and current generation. While taking on this mission, we work with all populations, as it takes a village to raise a child. Hence a child is not only impacted by their immediate family but the environment and those they encounter. 

KEE'S HELPING HAND is a growing organization that depends on donations and community support in order to fund community events and most importantly to meet the needs of our youth. Initially we started with only $100 out of pocket to serve Brockton's community, though in time and still today we are able to exceed and flourish, while serving the community of Brockton, MA.